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Op-ed: Khalid Al Mulla.. Iran's ugly face in Iraq

Khalid Al Mulla describes himself as head of Iraq's scholars who alleges that he promotes the moderate conception of Islam, while he is just a vassal follower of Iran's mullahs.

Mulla always accuses his peers of being affiliated with the former regime, or belonging to hostile regimes to Iraq, nothing but for counter the Iranian power in Iraq.

This vassal follower always praises Iran for what it presents to Iraq, but at the same time knows well that Iran's mullahs are the ones who killed thousands of the sons of his countrymen, and they contributed in Iraq's destruction by funding the sectarian militias, which destroyed the Sunni cities and displaced its residents.

Mulla's repeated visits to Iran is a definite proof of the close relationship with his lord, the mullah, to prove him his loyalty.

Today Mulla presents himself as a candidate for the upcoming parliamentarian election for Baghdad province among the list of Badr, that is backed directly by Iran, however he previously denied his will to get elected, telling the Iraqi people to hit his photos with shoes in case he does, will they do now?
Last Modified: Thursday، 01 March 2018 03:00 PM